Roulette Terminologies

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Knowing how to play this popular and famous game is not a very difficult thing to do. Roulette, being a luck based game, does not involve much strategizing and planning and the rules are also simple and easy to understand, because of this it a popular choice among players especially beginners. But knowing the rules and tricks is not enough; in order to have a good understanding of the game, the players should also be well acquainted with the different terminologies specific to roulette. This is required because until and unless the player knows the terms, he will not be able to understand what the other players and dealers are referring to in the course of the game and thus making it difficult to play. Here are some of the terminologies that are commonly used in roulette games.

  • Announced bet – when a bet is first announced by voice and then backed by the chips being placed on the roulette table immediately is called an announced bet.
  • Call bet – a call bet is one where the betting money is not immediately offered though the bet has been announced. However, in many places, call bets are considered as illegal.
  • Basket – when a bet is placed at the intersection of the three numbers – 0, 00 and 2 or 2, 3 and 00 or 1, 2 and 0, it is called a basket bet. This bet is placed on top of the roulette board.
  • Croupier – the dealer in the roulette games are also called croupiers, this is mostly in case of high stake games.
  • Corner – when a bet is placed on 4 numbers on the roulette board t is called corner. In this kind of a bet the chips are placed on the meeting point of the numbers.
  • Neighbors – the term is used to refer to the numbers which border other numbers on the roulette layout. Betting on a number and the neighbors means betting on the numbers on either side of it as well.
  • Pockets – it is used to refer to the slots over the wheel in which the ball finally rests after the spin; the pockets have numbers.
  • Street – a bet placed on three numbers that form a horizontal row is called street.
  • Orphans – this is also a bet made on three particular numbers, i.e. 34, 17 and 6; however in this case each of the numbers lay away from each other on the layout but they are side by side on the wheel.
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