Roulette History

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If you are looking for a fun yet refreshing casino game, roulette is a great choice. The game is equally popular amongst the beginners and the advanced players because of the easy rules yet thrill and excitement provided by it. However, this is not a new entry into the world of casinos; in fact the game can trace its roots back to the 1800s in France.

Amongst the different versions of roulette like the American roulette, French roulette, European roulette, the French version was the version of the game. The game was actually an accidental invention of a well known French mathematician, Blaise Pascal. The game soon became a popular one amongst the gamblers but because of its risky nature it was frequently made illegal.

During the early 1840s, a new version of roulette was introduced in the German town of Homburg, by two brothers, Louis and Francois Blanc. To compete against the existing casinos, they brought about a change which increased the winning odds; instead of the double zero and singe zero present in Pascal’s roulette wheel, the new wheel had only one slot for a single zero.

In the old American version of the game, the wheels usually consisted to 31 numbers, from 1 to 28 along with a single and double zero and the symbol of the American eagle. During that time, according to the rules if the roulette ball stopped in the single zero, double zero or the American eagle slot, the player was entitled to win everything on the table.

In Germany, after gambling was made illegal sometime in the 1860s, the last legal casino was shifted to Monte Carlo by the Blanc family and soon it turned out to be the new Mecca for gambling. Even till the present day, high rollers from all over the world go to Monte Carlo. It is here in Monte Carlo that the European version of roulette with a single zero wheel gained immense popularity.

Over time roulette spread to other parts of Europe and also in America. However in America, the double zero roulette remained more prevalent because of which it is also now known as American roulette. In North America the game first gained popularity in Mississippi and then began to spread to the western part of the country. With passage of time small changes were made in the game and betting style which gave rise to roulette as we know it now and with advancement of technology, its evolution has still not stopped.

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