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Sky 866 Live Roulette with SuperCasino

In UK there are several channels offering live roulette games but they only have limited time slots or are on for a short time. With sky 866 you can enjoy roulette around the clock while you relax at home or party with your friends.

The current tv schedule is as follows.

  • 12am to 4am – Supercasino Live Roulette
  • 4am to 6pm – Roulette Express Premium
  • 6pm to 12am – Supercasino Live Roulette

The channel not only allows the people to view the games but also take part in them. During the game, a camera is focussed on the roulette wheel and the live feed is constantly broadcasted. There is a real dealer, called the croupier, who not only conducts the games but also takes up the role of the show presenter, it is possible to interact with the croupiers via instant chat message or through emails. If the croupier finds your message interesting, they read it out live on the television. The names of the winning participant are called out by the croupier and are also displayed on the screen so everyone can see who have won and how much they have won.
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Even if you are not into playing roulette, the games are interesting and very enjoyable to watch.

The minimum bet is one pound and once registered the players can take part in the game by placing their bets either through the internet or via the telephone. For those who are unwilling to invest their money, Sky 866 also offers a free play option. Visit Here

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