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ITV Live Roulette

Anytime around midnight you can catch jackpot 247’s version of live roulette on ITV and join in for yourself up to 3 in the morning.

Jackpot 247 is powered by well known gaming software, Playtech. The players can join the casino via several joining options which include with help of the phone, through the mobiles or by using the internet. Whichever method the players use to register, they can start playing the games immediately without any need to download anything on the computer.

The casino itself offers a wide variety of games which include live television games, roulette, blackjack, slots, jackpot slots and video poker along with mobile games.

One of the imitations of Jackpot 247 is that it only accepts players from the UK; however, it does not include Northern Ireland and Jersey in Channel Islands.

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