Game Playing Etiquette

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There is virtually no difference between standard roulette in a casino and live roulette TV. This is as far as the gaming is concerned. Yes, there is a big difference in the sense that the atmosphere in a brick and mortar casino is completely different from playing live roulette on the TV. In a brick and mortar casino there are people milling about all the time while you can the TV and internet game version from the comfort of your home. Otherwise it is all the same. Hence, the sets of etiquette that apply to real life casino also apply to live roulette TV.

The first and foremost etiquette – you cannot refute the croupier. In live roulette TV too it is the croupier that controls the game. So, when the croupier announces “no more bets” you have to refrain from trying to place bets. And in any case since a software application is in use somewhere you will not be allowed to place any more bets.

In live roulette you are allowed to communicate with the dealer. It is easy for you to pester the poor guy by constantly chatting him up. You may have no malicious intentions but take into consideration the fact that there are other players too. The job of a dealer in the games is quite tough. In casino roulette there about eight players at the roulette table but in live roulette there could be hundreds of them at the same table. Now if every player tries to talk to the dealer imaging what that poor person will go through. Hence, you should only communicate when it is required. Small talk may not be appreciated.

It is important that you are conversant with how live roulette TV works. There are many websites that offer this form of roulette and all of them have the “free play” option available for all players. If you are completely new to this roulette concept it is always advisable that you try out the free game option first because jumping into the real action. This will ensure that you are able to play the game well and also go with the natural flow of it.

In any case you will not be allowed to break the rules of the game because you will be on TV or on the casino website. But if you don’t try and break the rules not only will you enjoy the games but the other players too.

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