Gambling History

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Gambling is not something new and has existed for several years. A glance into the gambling history in US indicated how the now popular past time has evolved over the years, with the public sometimes opposing it and sometimes embracing it. In the earlier times gambling was usually practiced in form of lottery but in 1980’s it was totally banned.

It was again in the mid 1920s that it slowly began to make a comeback and finally in 1931, the state of Nevada legalized gambling. After its legalization, Las Vegas in Nevada became a gambler’s paradise where several different types of casinos could be found. In the present time gambling is legalized in most of the US states and can be found in some form or the other. The popularity of gambling is evident from the fact that revenue coming from gambling is more than the combined revenue coming from movie tickets, theme parks, music recordings and video games.

With the popularity of internet and coming of advanced technology, the gambling industry has witnessed a revolutionary change – it is now possible to gamble from one’s home thanks to the online casinos. Online gambling industry is a new one and is still growing with introduction of new features and technology in the online casino games.

The first online gambling website was setup in the mid 1990s and it offered only 18 kinds of games. Since then the online gambling industry has witnessed huge growth. In the present day when searching online players can come across hundreds of online casinos offering a wide variety of games to the players. The online gambling industry is now one of the most profitable online businesses.

Though the land based casino games are still popular and has a charm of their own, the online casino games are increasingly becoming popular among players of all ages and across all sections; the online casino games are not only convenient but also offers several additional advantages which are not found in the land based games like the attractive bonuses, free games, opportunity to play round the clock along with the ability to play without the need to travel to an actual casino.

The gambling industry is still evolving with coming of new technologies and features. It is now also possible to play a real live game with live dealers in the live dealer games; however, casinos offering live dealer games are still mostly restricted to the UK and the other European countries.

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